Learning English through… US Senators

By Monica Consorti
Pubblicato il 3 Settembre 2016

Parliamo questo mese di una delle senatrici più importanti degli Stati Uniti: Elizabeth Warren

Among the 535 elected representatives that make up the American Congress, very few go on to achieve national fame and even fewer manage to become influential in under a term. Senator Elizabeth Warren can be counted among those. She first rose to prominence as a fierce advocate for consumers, especially in the fight against financial lobbies. As a Professor at Harvard Law, she worked on the economic impacts of financial rules on middle class families and strongly opposed a law that curtailed the right of a private citizen to file for bankruptcy. In 2008, Republicans appointed her Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). In her role, she produced reports that tirelessly asked for more transparency from banks and financial Institutions. For her work, TIME named her one of the “Sheriffs of Wall Street”. In 2012, she decided to continue her public service pursuing a different street and she was elected to the Senate, the first woman ever from the State of Massachusetts. During her campaign whenever she met a girl, she crouched to her level and said: “I am Elizabeth Warren and I’m running for Senate because that’s what girls do”. When asked about her commitment and her dedication to women’s rights she often pinpoints the moment in which her daughter was born: “I wanted her to grow up in a world where every opportunity was open to her and I meant EVERY opportunity”. Among Senator Warren’s future opportunities, there might be a place in a Democratic Administration run by Hillary Clinton who is reportedly considering her also as a Vice-Presidential Candidate in what would be a historic all female ticket.

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