Learning English through… Maundy Thursday traditions

di Monica Consorti
Pubblicato il 28 Febbraio 2018 12:17

Parliamo questo mese di una tradizione legata al Giovedì Santo in Inghilterra. We saw last year that Maundy Thursday is the name for the first day of the Triduum. In the UK, the Royal Maundy Service takes place each year on this day. The service dates back to the 13th century, with the Kings and Queens using this day to distribute money and clothes to the poor.  Over time the ritual distribution changed, with Mary I donating her gown to one of the women in attendance and his sister Elizabeth choosing to substitute the dress with a sum of money to […]

Puoi leggere tutto l'articolo sull'edizione cartacea dell'ECO di San Gabriele

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