Learning English through… diets

Parliamo questo mese di alcuni antesignani delle diete
By Monica Consorti
Pubblicato il 31 Maggio 2018

Dieting books became common in the 20th century and before the 1900s there were very few books that talked about food regimens. One of the first recorded is called The art of living long and was written by the Italian Luigi Cornaro in 1550 when he was 83. In it, he suggests a daily diet consisting of 350g of food and 414ml of wine. Another book, Letter on corpulence addressed to the public, was published by the English undertaker William Banting in 1863. He talks about his struggle with obesity and what finally made him to lose weight: a low-carb, […]

Puoi leggere tutto l'articolo sull'edizione cartacea dell'ECO di San Gabriele

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