Learning English through… Coding Languages

Hello kids!
di Monica Consorti
Pubblicato il 8 novembre 2017 14:58

Parliamo questo mese del sistema di uno dei linguaggi di programmazione più usati nel mondo: Python. In december 1989, during the Christmas holidays, Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum, 33 years old, had some time on his hands. He worked at CWI, a government-run research lab in Amsterdam and had some ideas on how to improve the programming language he was using at work called ABC. He decided to use his time off to start the development of a new language that would realize his ideas. The first version of his creation was published online on february 20, 1991 and he […]

Puoi leggere tutto l'articolo sull'edizione cartacea dell'ECO di San Gabriele

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