La Bella e la Bestia

di Monica Consorti
Pubblicato il 2 marzo 2017 23:51

Parliamo questo mese del remake con attori reali de “La Bella e La Bestia”.  What started as an experiment with Maleficent in 2014 has quickly grown into a full-blown project for Disney that is planning 18 live-action versions of its classics. While Maleficent was a retooling of Sleeping Beauty from the villain’s point of view, other movies such as 2015’s Cinderella and 2016’s The Jungle Book tell the same stories with non-animated actors. Beauty and The Beast will do so in March 2017, and the bar for this movie is set very high, since the 1991 feature is one of […]

Puoi leggere tutto l'articolo sull'edizione cartacea dell'ECO di San Gabriele

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